Views Of The World From My Window

Many times, we get too pre-occupied with our daily struggles and cares that we miss the opportunity of looking outside our windows and appreciate what’s out there. True, not everyone is blessed with a window view that is to die for. But if we just stop for a while, take one look at what is outside, we might just find something that we can be thankful for or something that will refresh our minds and sights. Or better still, we might just find the very thing that we have been looking for.

Some windows are small; others are big. Some are partially blocked; while others are simply wide open. Whatever types of windows we have today, each one opens to a view that somehow brings excitement to an otherwise dreary life that has no windows.

Well then, maybe, just maybe, now is the time to peek outside your window. After all, windows are not referred to as “windows of opportunity” for nothing.


<<In this photo series, I would like to share with you the beauty of our world as seen from the window. Please click the photo to view a bigger image>>


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