Some people call it “washroom”, many call it “restroom”; still others call it “powder room” or “comfort room”.  But whatever it is called, thank God that there is such thing as a toilet. Whether we like it or not, according to statistics, call of nature takes us to the toilet at least 2,500 times a year (not to count the times when you ate too much and had to visit the toilet every few minutes). And take note, for those people who love to bring their mobile phones to the restroom, either you stay in the “throne room” longer than usual or be one of those millions (yes millions!) of people who dropped their phones into the toilet bowl every year.

Interestingly, toilet signs have captivated the lenses of my camera. Some are naughty, others are nice;  many are colorful; but each one is delightful to the eyes. Whatever sizes and shapes these signs come, one can always heave a sigh of relief when seeing one.

Let me take you to the world of toilet signs.

<< Please click on the photo to view a bigger image >>

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