Oslo, NORWAY: All Things Fresh and Natural

Oslo, the capital of Norway is settled between lush hills and the fjord. In 2019, Oslo was named European Green Capital 2019. Not surprisingly, because Oslo is filled with natural wonders – beautiful islands, lush forests, pristine lakes, deep fjords enveloped by fresh, cool air. But more than these natural marvels, the city is buzzing with new energy as new constructions and modern architectures are slowly rising. Landmarks like the Opera House and the Astrup Fearnley Museum are making Oslo a city that pops right out of a science fiction, but beautifully blending with mother nature. These new highlights are slowly changing the face of Oslo. But still the city is able to preserve its rich history and ancient relics. Being a capital of Norway since 1814, Oslo is home to many historic buildings, museums and galleries – a disneyland for history lovers.

This photo series capture the simple yet charming city of Oslo that has the natural, the manmade, the new and the old.

<< Please click on the photos to view a bigger image >>

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