Fenghuang, CHINA: A Venice of the East

During the Qing Dynasty era in the 1700s, a city by the name of Fenghuang was established in Hunan Province. Today, 300 years of history are still found in the 20 ancient streets, dozens of antiquated lanes and over 200 classic residential buildings that make this UNESCO world heritage site a tourist’s must-see destination. This well-preserved ancient town is teeming with historical sites and cultural heritage. Antiquity in the form of ancient walls, wells, bridges, houses, temples and the like are largely preserved in their original states.

This picturesque town is situated beside mountains and waters. It carries ancient Chinese architecture designs dating back to the Ming and Qing era; built amidst the backdrop of lush forests and flowing streams. Wandering through the streets and waterways of the city is like cruising inside a painting. No wonder New Zealand writer Rewi Alley regarded it as the most beautiful town in China.

As of this writing, I believe that not too many foreign tourists visit the place, although it is frequented by local Chinese visitors. It is, therefore, my privilege to share with you photos of a place that many call the “Venice of the East”.

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