Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Color Me Green

When people talk about visiting Europe, what they have in mind are the big European cities like Paris, Madrid, Rome, London and the like. I had the same mindset. So, when I came across a brochure featuring Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia – I had to do a little research to convince myself that this place is worth the long travel (around 32 hours with 2 stopovers) from Manila and of course, the expense.
After staying in Slovenia for 7 days, here are some reasons why I believe you should include Ljubljana in your bucketlist:
1. It was awarded Europe’s Green Capital City in 2016. Hence one can find fascinating medieval architecture amidst greeneries, parks and forests. It is a vibrant cyclist-friendly city.
2. It is a quaint European city –  beautiful, clean, colorful, peaceful and definitely environment friendly. (Just look at one of my photos of the colorful garbage bins for recyclable items lined along the street).
3. It’s not overcrowded like most European capital cities. One can enjoy the sceneries and take the best angle for photos without having to deal with photobombers. It is quite laid-back and moving around the city center is like taking a stroll in the park.
4. It is filled with history and culture.
5. It is still not as expensive as many cities in Europe.
6. Food is simply great and varied. (Note: their ice cream is to die for! And the weekend food market is a must-try.)
Hope these photos will entice you to visit this lovely city.

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