NEPAL: Kingdom of the Himalaya

As the airplane glided along the clouds heading towards Nepal, a quick glance outside the window turned into a mesmerized gaze as I chanced upon the beauty of the Himalaya. There stood before us the majestic Mt. Everest with its snow-capped peak jutting out of the clouds as if to welcome every expectant traveler.  As we continued to float for what seemed to be like eternity, there was an endless parade of mountains upon mountains glistening with snow crystals. We were in cloud 9! Literally!

I was told that people go to Nepal for the Himalaya. There’s no doubt about it. Looking at the Himalaya, one could easily be lost for words to describe the beauty and majesty of such creation that only an artist like our God could conceive and bring to life. Yet, if we confine Nepal to just the Himalaya, then it would be like putting the Pacific Ocean in just a fish bowl. Nepal is more than the Himalaya.

Going deeper into the heart of Nepal and exploring ancient cities of Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu, one can clearly see the charm of this country in its people and culture. Antiquated temples, palaces, houses, monuments are testaments to the glorious past of Nepal. Some of these date back to the period before Christ, our Lord and Savior, was born.   Friendly, beautiful people draped in traditional, colorful dresses were abound. Food, in its diversed and luscious splendor, were so plentiful that this place could very well be a paradise for the gastronome.

Words and photos may not be enough to describe the artistry, the elegance, the magic, that is Nepal. One has to personally see and savor this lifetime experience.

<< Please click photos to view larger images >>

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