For movie and TV buffs, it is common knowledge that Croatia is a hub of big film productions. The old city of Dubrovnik served as the capital of Westeros for at least 4 seasons of the Game of Thrones series.  Avid fans of Game of Thrones would easily recognize the locations where King Tommen talked with Cersei; where people from all over the world paid their last respect to Tywin Lannister; or even the shocking dramatic scene of Cersei’s walk of shame. Then there’s Star Wars The Last Jedi, where Canto Bright – a casino city was actually set up and filmed also in Dubrovnik. To cash in on the popularity of these films, tour operators even offer a guided walking tour that takes the visitor to the exact sites where these scenes were filmed.

But Croatia is more than Dubrovnik. It is a vast country blessed with natural beauty, rich in history and culture and just simply captivating. Where else in the world can one find a museum that commemorates broken relationships? Or a sea organ, which is actually boulevard of steps leading to the sea that plays beautiful music-like sound whenever the waves splash on them?

In this photo series, I’d like to share some beautiful sites in Croatia. But believe you me, these photos do not do justice to a beautiful country like Croatia.


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