Bicycles of the World

Bicycles have been with us since the 19th century (circa 1817). Since then, mankind has seen how this simple “twowheeler” has metamorphosed into something beyond just a mode of transport. It has become an alternative to exercise machines; it has been actively used in sports like bike polo, radball and acrobatics; it has become an avant-garde ornament; and for many entrepreneur, it has been used as a means of livelihood.

For my part, bicycles have always been a favorite subject for my photo collections.  I have developed an interest in bicycles as a photo subject because bicycles give us a glimpse or maybe a hint of the lives of their owners. Just by looking at what type of bicycle; or maybe how, where, when the bicycle was parked; how clean or how dirty it is, one could simply surmise multitudes of ideas of what the owner is like.

In this series, I would like to share with you photos of bicycles in various scenarios. Hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate this beauty, that is, the bicycles of the world


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2 thoughts on “Bicycles of the World

  1. Very beautiful MCQ! I love your insight on how a bicycle gives you a glimpse about the personality of the owner.


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